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For nature and society

We are a start-up company with 80 years of experience and over 15,000 employees worldwide. With our product portfolio we are ideally positioned to develop solutions for the greatest challenges of our society. Sustainable thinking and acting are essential to preserve our planet and improve both the basis of life and the quality of living for millions. We align economic growth with sustainability – with profitable products and technologies that benefit society and reduce our impact on nature.

Sustainability is a core element of our mission, and an integral part of our strategy. We live and breathe innovation and want to grow with products and technologies that benefit society and reduce the impact on our ecological systems.

Sustainability involves the actions of each employee; the way we conduct our projects, as well as issues of safety, compliance and business practice. It extends to how we act towards stakeholders and take responsibility for products and processes along the entire value chain.

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We align our entrepreneurial conduct in its entirety with sustainability because we are deeply committed to interacting carefully with our ecological systems. Covestro is in close dialogue with various stakeholder groups, and acts according to the strict guidelines and principles that are embedded in our corporate policies.

What drives us is the ambitious goals that we want to reach by 2025. They consist of figures that make our progress transparent and measurable. Our efforts in terms of sustainability, however, go beyond our own company: we expect the same level of commitment from our suppliers. We are also part of various global cooperative initiatives through which we receive awards from external institutions on a regular basis.

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    At Covestro Sustainability is a core element of the mission, and an integral part of the strategy. We therefore align our entrepreneurial conduct in its entirety with sustainability. Learn more!

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