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Where Covestro pushes the boundaries of sustainability

The best proof of our commitment to sustainability is the many projects in which Covestro has been able to realize trailblazing ideas for more efficient and resource-saving technologies together with its partners. We present some of the most impressive developments and collaborations here.

Sustainability at Covestro has many faces. We are promoting it by expanding our basis of raw materials, continuously optimizing the production process in all our plants and enabling our customers to design their production processes in a more efficient and sustainable manner.

Almost all innovations by Covestro follow the aim of bringing together the economy and ecological aspects in order to benefit our environment and also support our customers’ business success. This is why the key projects we present here can only give a small insight into the broad field that is “sustainability at Covestro”. You can find additional exciting stories here!

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  • Sustainable Flagship Solutions

    Bio-based Aniline

    Covestro & partners innovate: Aniline from plant biomass, not petroleum. A step towards sustainable circular economy.

  • Sustainability

    CO₂ as a raw material

    A Covestro technology turns CO₂ into home comforts.

  • Sustainability

    Renewable hardeners

    Hardeners for high-performance coatings in the automotive and furniture industry are traditionally based on fossil – and therefore non-sustainable – raw materials. Covestro develops coating hardeners based on renewable resources.

  • Sustainability

    Gas phase technology

    Isocyanate and polyols are the two main components in the manufacture of polyurethanes. Covestro makes the production of these materials more effective and environmentally-friendly e.g., with the help of so-called gas phase technology.

  • Sustainability

    White Biotechnology

    Covestro is increasingly using microorganisms and enzymes to produce plastics in a sustainable way and promote the circular economy. In a special competence center, experts are working on using alternative raw materials with biotechnological processes to replace fossil resources.

  • Sustainability

    Oxygen depolarized cathode

    As part of a collaboration with industrial partners, Covestro has developed oxygen depolarized cathode (ODC) technology. This is based on an electrode that can save up to 25 percent of the energy required in the manufacture of chlorine.

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