Financial Management

The financial direction of the Covestro group is determined by the strategic Management-Holding Covestro AG.

Our financial resources are usually centrally procured and distributed within the group.

Securing sufficient liquidity and creditworthiness at all times, together with the sustained increase of the company’s value, are the primary objectives of the financial management. The continuous optimization of the capital structure and an effective risk management system make significant contributions to these goals.

Covestro pursues a conservative and flexibility-oriented debt management strategy and aims for a balanced financing portfolio. In addition to syndicated loan agreements and bilateral credit agreements, capital markets in particular shall be used as a source of financing.

Operational and transactional risks are mitigated through derivatives. In general our derivatives are based on underlying transactions. Collaborating with carefully selected partners significantly minimizes the risk of default. Our transactions are carried out in compliance with company-wide regulations and are monitored accordingly.

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