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Actively shaping Germany’s future

Germany wants to be climate-neutral by 2045. Industry will play an important role along the way. Its climate-friendly and resource-saving technologies are decisive drivers of green transformation domestically. Companies like Covestro are thus making an important contribution to achieving the goals set out in the 2015 Paris Climate Agreement.

In order to tackle the challenges ahead, Covestro engages in a constructive dialog with all relevant stakeholder groups. As a globally active group, the company is aware of its responsibility to incorporate ideas for sustainable coexistence into the social discourse. Covestro sees itself as part of public life.

Covestro’s political advocacy activities




Principles guiding political advocacy

Continuous communication with political stakeholders puts the company in the best position to react to changes in framework conditions, identify current trends, and constructively accompany legislative decision-making processes. Covestro’s advocacy practices reflect its support and promotion of responsible, traceable, transparent, and democratic processes since its founding.

The company respects the responsibilities and tasks of political institutions and organizations. Communication with policy makers is carried out in accordance with local and national laws. This also includes compliance with the Group’s directives “Responsible Lobbying” and “Corporate Compliance”.

Communication at the federal and state levels

Covestro engages in dialog with policy makers on multiple levels. In Germany, the company is engaged in the political process at both the federal and the state levels. Learn more about Covestro’s activities here:

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  • Germany


    Covestro is committed to energy-efficient and sustainable production at its German sites.

  • Germany


    Health, safety, environmental protection and the quality of our products and processes all contribute to the corporate success of Covestro.

  • Germany


    Around 7.250 employees work for Covestro at six sites in Germany.

  • Germany


    Social responsibility is a key focus at Covestro. Learn more about our donation and sponsoring activities.

  • Germany


    Covestro pursues ambitious sustainability goals, and has incorporated the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals into its own strategy.

  • Innovation


    Covestro is pursuing an ambitious digitalization strategy. Digital technologies are making production in Germany more efficient and more sustainable.

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