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As the inventor of polyurethane and polycarbonate, Covestro embraces a holistic approach to innovate.

As one of Covestro's three regional innovation hubs together with Leverkusen and Pittsburg, the Polymer Research and Development Center (PRDC) in Shanghai is our Asia Pacific Innovation Center, providing unparalleled support to customers in the Asia Pacific region and to the world. The center also explores new business models and digitalization, ventures in e-commerce and fosters incubation of start-ups under the "Open Innovation Hub" concept.

"At Covestro, innovation is more than R&D, materials and labs. It is in digitalization, in entirely new business models, and in ideation and co-creation spaces. We strive for a close and intense collaboration with local partners from all kind of industries with the goal to build a leading innovation ecosystem."

Dr. Michael Schmidt,

Head of Innovation, Asia Pacific

Innovation/Embedded in our DNA/Modern life and key industries rely on innovative materials. As a leading global material supplier, Covestro drives innovation which is, deeply embedded in our DNA ever since the invention of our flagship products polycarbonate and polyurethane. In constantly developing new products and fresh ideas we are paving the way towards a sustainable future.

Open Innovation/We Innovate With U (WIWU)/ Covestro believes in accelerating innovation by opening up and collaborating with industry, academia and partners in the value chains. Propelling collaboration, co-patenting, co-ideation, and co-development spirit in all business segments with customers and ecosystem helps us to push boundaries beyond what is possible today. We are your Open Innovation partner of choice.

Our Open Innovation team

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